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About SaNCA

The Shoreacres Neighborhood Community Association (SaNCA) Vision Statement is  “To be stewards of the Shoreacres community supporting the health and well being of the residents, young to old, striving for a safe, vibrant and thriving neighborhood now and into the future.” During the creation of SaNCA we worked closely with the residents to establish what they felt was the basis for a thriving neighborhood. We took their input and helped facilitate a process of result-orientated action.

Board of Directors

  • President: Cal Lorencz
  • Vice President: Kelly Poznikoff
  • Treasurer: Deana Postnikoff
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Director: Paula Sobie
  • Director:  Curtis van Yzerloo

The SaNCA Board of Directors meets every 1st Wednesday of the month between 7-9pm at the Shoreacres Hall. Everyone is welcome!