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Shoreacres is a wonderful place! It is bordered on three sides by water, is rich in history, is home to a variety of wildlife and wildflowers, is abundant in fertile soil,  is a perfect place to grow a family or a garden and is a safe, supportive community on a whole.

The people who live here are proud to call Shoreacres home and give back to their neighbourhood in many ways. Whether they are part of a working group, a special task committee, sit on the Shoreacres Neighbourhood Community Association (SaNCA) Board of Directors, volunteer their time to keep the roadsides clear and the beach clean, check in on elderly neighbours, say hi when passing someone on the street or share extra garden produce with those in need, it’s all the things we do, both big and small, that make this the special place that it is.

This website is intended to help provide information to the residents of Shoreacres. We hope it will be useful for everyone including new residents, those whose families have lived here for many generations and everyone in between.

For information on the Official Community Plan Review, visit this link.


Shoreacres is located between Nelson and Castlegar. The name Shoreacres describes one of it’s most distinctive geographical features. To the north lies the Slocan Pool (Ward Bay). Along the east bank is the Kootenay River and the Southern portion is intersected by the Slocan River where it quickly enters the Kootenay.

Rich in History

Like so many beautiful places of the Kootenay region, Shoreacres is rich in history. Ward Bay is adorned with the physical presence of this area’s First Nations pit houses, and there are legends abound of the immense salmon fishing that once took place in the pre-dam era.  These waters, and the land, hold the memories of these first residents, but also of the early Doukhobor settlers.The Doukhobors chose to establish themselves in Shoreacres because the land was rich in nutrients and the climate provided excellent growing conditions. Although cultivating food was a priority for these peaceful settlers, they were also growing their families, and their community as well.


Centennial Celebration

The organizing of a Centennial Celebration in partnership with the Shoreacres Hall Group was held in September of 2012. Large numbers of past and present residents came out and enjoyed the day’s festivities which included speeches, performances by the local Doukhobor choir, a potluck lunch, a silent auction, historical displays, performances by local Tae Kwon Do martial artists, children’s games, a sit down traditional borsch dinner, and music which played into the night.


The Kieran Galbraith Shoreacres Beach Memorial Park was established with the partnership of the Nature Trust of BC, the RDCK and SaNCA.  This was a very exciting step in our community as this partnership helped us preserve this important community beach for everyone to enjoy including future generations, both humans and wildlife.


Prekrasnoye Cemetery was established in 1912 by the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) to serve the Prekrasnoye settlement area. Located near Shoreacres it also came to be known as Shoreacres Doukhobor Cemetery. After the demise of the CCUB in 1937-1939, the cemetery continued to be used by its successor organization, the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC). It is still in active use today and is owned and maintained by Shoreacres Cemetery Board.

More about the Cemetary.


Shoreacres is home to a vast array of wildlife including deer, elk, raccoon, skunk, coyote, bear and even a cougar was spotted a couple of years ago walking along the Kootenay River shoreline. An abundant of bird species live here such as the famous Canada goose, ospreys, blue herons, woodpeckers, blue jays, blue birds, robins, swallows, sparrows and hummingbirds to name a few.

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