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Accessing SaNCA Documents

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Logging in

Login from the Front end

You will be prompted to log in when you visit any protected content.

To login from the front end of the website, navigate to the footer section on the website and select the Login link. You can also visit – to login.

The login link takes you to the Login page where you can login with your username and passowrd.

To login from the Backend of the website, use this link – to be directed to the WordPress login page.

Login from the Backend

Accessing Documents

Access board documents here.

Select the upload icon to upload a new document or simply drag and drop from your desktop or to move documents within the folder.

To modify/create new folders in the folder, right-click to see all options.

Right-click on a folder to see all options to update/move/delete or add files to the folder

Taking and Uploading Minutes

Download a minutes template or use an existing minutes draft from the Minutes folder. Change the name to the correct date.

When done, upload to the drafts folder for the year.

When amended and finalized, save as a pdf and upload to finals (pdf) folder for that year.