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Bulletin Boards

One of the first projects we took on was the construction of two Bulletin boards. They were an important next step in building a common place for information to be shared and for ideas to be exchanged, the community came together to design, create and erect these two new pillars of Shoreacres.

Centennial Celebration 

Nearly 250 people came to celebrate the Shoreacres Centennial September 15 2012, from young to old, from past residents who’s families have called Shoreacres home for generations to new residents. The celebrations included: presentations from dignitaries, Doukhobors choir singing, Cake cutting, Russian Music, Tae Kwon Do Demonstrations, Kids Games, Story Telling, a traditional sit down Borscht dinner and a local Shoreacres Band capping off the evening.

Shoreacres Beach/Kieran Gailbraith Memorial Park

On Sept 16th  2012 the Shoreacres Beach Kieran Gailbraith Memorial Beach Park was formed. This 1.6 acre parcel includes shoreline along the picturesque Slocan River and was made possible by the generous contribution to the Nature Trust of BC by the George Gailbraith family and friends in the memory of George’s son, Kieran.  This is wonderful asset for the community of Shoreacres and the residents at large.

Beach Cleanup and “No Fires Permitted” Signage Installation

After becoming aware of the bon fires that were happening at the Shoreacres Beach we worked with our Area Director to secure funds to Install two new “No Fires Permitted” signs. In addition to the installation of the signage we conducted a Fall beach cleanup which proved very successful as we only needed to take away two small bags of trash, a greatly reduced amount compared to previous years where multiple garbage bag have been hauled away.

Christmas Train Evening Event

On Dec 7th 2013 Shoreacres residents gathered at the Beach parking lot and took part in a community gathering in anticipation of the xmas train passing over the bridge and crossing the entrance to shoreacres on the ……this is where more details go about what we did at the gathering.

Community Website

Last June we received grant funds to hire a web designer to build a community website. One of our priorities this year has been to increase communications, including our ability to communicate information to the residents of Shoreacres but also to have the residents be able to reach out and communicate with each other.  A website seemed like a logical next step in improving communications on a whole.

Annual Community Garage Sale

We all have lots of stuff to purge in the spring and it only seemed logical that SaNCA take on the organization of a community wide garage sale. Our first year was in 2013 and was such a success for both purgers and treasure hunters we decided to turn it into an annual and will therefor be hosting our second this June of 2014.

Fall Harvest Festival 

Intended as a first step in gathering feedback around community supported agriculture. Event activities included displays by the Invasive Plant Species of the West Kootenay, Wildsafe, the WK Eco Society and KOGS. A special ceremony was held where the oldest member of Shoreacres and one of the youngest helped plant a tree as a symbol of the old and new coming together in the community. There were old fashioned kids games, music and a community potluck dinner which included a variety of dishes created by using harvested food from attendees gardens.

In addition to the days activities, 50 Community Agricultural Surveys were filled out by residents and guests. The data collected through this initiative will give SaNCA an understanding of the level of agriculture and food production interest we have in our community.

Thanks to the Columbia Basin Trust and the RDCK Area I for supporting this event.

Coming Soon…

  • Community Signage (Gateway Bulletin Board, Hall, Cemetery)
  • Hall Grounds restoration (Partnership project involving SaNCA and the Shoreacres Hall)